The perfect ways to make money online for free

Working online for a lot is a myth, something that is not possible. For another it is something that can be done, but when talking about making money online without investing there they say it is totally impossible. Well, the latter believe that if you can earn money, but you have to invest a lot. In this post you can read that below on how to make money online for free. All you need is effort, dedication and perseverance.

1- Youtube

Why do you think there are so many people who upload videos to youtube? Most of them want to make money. They pay you for the advertising they place in your videos, you just have to meet the minimum requirements and request (if they don’t do it first) monetize your videos.

2- Adsense advertising and the like

Another option is to create a blog with interesting topics and get many visits. Once you have a few months with him and a few daily visits you can request platforms with Adsense to place advertising so that you start generating money. It is recommended that you do not upload content like that, but think very well what you are going to upload and that you do everything oriented in web positioning (SEO).

3- Sell Amazon products or similar

You can also create a website or blog and instead of placing Adsense advertising, you can sell Amazon product. This platform allows you to create an account as an affiliate and place the products they sell on your site. For every sale you make through your site you earn a percentage of what you have generated. As in the past case it is not mandatory to have your own domain or server, but if you could invest in it, it would not be bad.

4- Sell advertising to other sites or business

If you had a good amount of visits, you can choose to sell direct advertising to some interested businesses or websites. You would do it by means of a banner, a post or the agreement in which they arrive. A very good example is to create a blog that targets the local public and after you have a good amount of approach to business and offer information with respect to your influence with the public (visits, interaction, etc). And logically you can present an advertising plan. You can do the same with social networks.

5- Sell links in your blog

If you do not want to be placing a banner, or want to add another means of earning money, It is recommended that selling links. It consists of nothing more and nothing less than placing the link of another site interested in one of your post. This is done as a web positioning technique of who your client would be for Google to value it positively because a site with authority is linking it.

6- Online services

There are sites that have a business section where people can publish what they offer (your services) so that whoever needs it can contact you. Likewise, the client can publish what he needs and you can make a proposal offering your services. What you can find most are copywriting services for websites, SEO services, web design, buying and selling links, verification of accounts such as Paypal, account sales of different platforms, website sales, etc.