10 career oriented Internet jobs for students

It is much easier to pay for your studies when you have a regular cash flow. And working part-time also has the immense advantage of allowing you to add valuable experience to your CV (not to mention that you could discover an interesting career path!). Working and studying are two combinations that many of have had to experience at some point in our lives. Fortunately there are jobs that you can combine with other activities.

Online Classes

Private classes are perfect for studying and working at the same time. Especially since many students have fresh knowledge and take the opportunity to transmit everything they know before becoming more rusty.

The solution is in online classes. Something that is becoming more and more fashionable and that, although at the beginning there were students with certain reluctance, right now thanks to the high quality of technologies teaching online has never been so easy and safe.

Text Translator

It is another specific job for students of a subject, perfect if you want to work as a translator. Some people have very little volume of work to translate, they just want a small amount for some communication or very specific things. They are looking for professionals who have translation knowledge but who can solve their problem in a simple and fast way.


For those who are good at spelling and were good at dictating at school, transcribing texts is simple and very useful. If you find a good company or a platform you will find many job offers.

Virtual assistant

Having an administrative that works as a personal assistant is something that not everyone can afford, to lower costs virtual assistants were born. Which, from home work for several people without moving.

It may be one of the lesser-known jobs, but you will be amazed when you discover how many things you can do to earn money and you probably haven’t thought about them.

Social media specialist:

Almost all businesses have a social media strategy, and those who do not have one are probably looking for someone to help them develop one. You don’t need a university degree in communications to manage an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account like a “pro”.

Freelance Writing

If you are a good writer, you can assume that everyone can write as well. Freelance writing jobs happens to be always active on the internet, as companies have an infinite amount of copies on the web that they require to publish. Freelance writing use to be regarding any topic presumable. Being a freelance writer, you can write a website description for a company, help a local bookstore create social media posts, or write informative articles about specialized medical services.

Writing Amazon reviews

Alike to product testing, actually Amazon use to employ people to pen reviews on their website. This kind of job is straightforward and simple in the event that you have elementary writing skills and the ability to build a few cohesive paragraphs. As an Amazon product reviewer, you will receive a product, use it, make a rating and write a few sentences about why the product works or not and how it can be improved. You will be paid for review.

Digital marketing

There is a high demand for the creation of virtual stores, websites and blogs. In this regard, many entrepreneurs develop their ideas well, but do not have the necessary skills to start a virtual business, a blog or even the company’s website. So, if you study or have already developed small jobs in the area, offering your services to the market can bring you unexpected results.

Freelance web designer

If you have a particular talent in computing, an understanding of platforms, and are interested in programming, a freelance position as a web designer can be a great summer job. Instead of reaching a 9-5 position, freelance web designers create their own hours to take on the work of a variety of clients.